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About Tabi Moazzam


Tabi Moazzam is a highly successful entrepreneur, enthusiastic philanthropist, immensely passionate image aficionado, and a vastly experienced fashion connoisseur. Tabi was born and raised in the city of Toronto, Ontario and always had a great deal of passion for helping and guiding others unveil their true standards of beauty and wellness. Tabi is a highly versatile and creative makeup artist who has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for a span of more than 13 years. She holds great passion for helping others and is a deeply devoted philanthropist by heart and mind. She has been using her skills and creativity for glamorizing others and making them more confident and bold for past decade.

Tabi is equipped with a formidable blend of great entrepreneurial skills and a will to succeed. This determination and experience has helped Tabi pave her own way to success as a professional entrepreneur and a fashion artist. 

For the past 7 years Tabi has been actively working as a professional event planner and have organized numerous events within Dubai and in her hometown of Toronto, ON Canada.

She has vast experience of organizing corporate and entertainment events of high caliber and significant stature. Tabi’s ability to connect with clients is priceless. People assist her in crafting a remarkable chain of networks which enables her to organize eccentric and highly distinctive events.

Tabi is a greatly devoted fashion connoisseur and an immensely talented image aficionado who holds the remarkable set of image consultancy skills. Her experience and consultancy skills have assisted Tabi in guiding others, to pursuit their significant self-confidence and boldness. Tabi has organized a countless number of makeup workshops whose primary objective is to educate others about the tricks and trades of the beauty and glamour world of today and tomorrow.

Tabi is an immensely enthusiastic philanthropist and a humanitarian who loves working for the welfare of those around her., CEO of Glam & Glit, Director of Expressions Event and Promotions, Owner of Emirates Fashion Week, Partner of Smart Cities of Pakistan, Board of Director TK Connections and is a credential part of WEF Women Economic Forum and the ALL Ladies league. Tabi is an ambassador of MAC – Mississauga Arts Council  and essentially is a part of different Corporations. She is always in awe of opportunities to exceed her own and her client’s expectations. Her professionalism and appetite for beautifying others has carried her on her journey to becoming one of the highly recognized artists. 

Tabi's primary objective is to find the true beauty hidden inside others and to use it to build their confidence and self-belief.