Teefa in Trouble a Review!

Finally, the long wait is cut short and Teefa in Trouble debut.  A Pakistani film by Ali Zafar which was considered to be the most hyped movie is out. Turn over within first week of the release is outstanding and reaches more 8 crores. Indisputably, Ali Zafar nailed in this one as he single handedly handled the important details in the movie which also qualified the movie as an awesome and commendable addition to the lot of the local cinema. Ali Zafar who is recognised as a great musician and a dexterous singer, decided to start a career in acting for which he has been immensely appreciated by many and not to forget his role in his Bollywood outings as an outstanding film actor. Undoubtedly, it can be said that Ali Zafar has the charisma or presence on the big screen to become a movie star internationally.

Moving on to the review section of the movie. The reviews and rating of this movie which was released yesterday is highly anticipated by people. Teefa in Trouble is a story which centres on the character Teefa played by Ali Zafar who in this movie turns out to be an enforcer hired by Butt Sahab played by Mehmood Aslam. Butt Sahab employs the services of Teefa to kidnap Anya who happens to be the daughter of his friend Bonzo played by very famous Javed Sheikh for his son. Anya who features as the heroine of the movie is played by our very own Maya Ali who remains ever beautiful and talented. The movie kicks off with a trip made by Teefa to Poland where Anya lives. Simply put, the story of the film seems very simple and short.

The theme of the movie can be seen as an Action-Comedy with a level Romance in a way. Exceptionally shot by Zain Haleem, Teefa in Trouble raises the pedestal by setting new standards for film-making in Pakistan. About the Jokes made in the movie, well some jokes may have fallen flat not being up to standard but most get a pass. This is a classic Ahsan humor filled movie as others which could turn out to be a hit or miss, regardless we cannot overlook the intelligence put to use in the lines and words selected for them to feel more real and enjoyable. The choice of featuring the comedian Faisal Qureshi by the cleave and prefect is without any doubt commendable as it made the movie more interesting and funny! He worked well enough proving himself to be a perfect cast to play the side kick of Teefa.

A brief one on the beauty and glamour of the movie. It was indeed an outstanding debut for Maya Ali as a future film star. She is gorgeous and has the charisma and presence needed for the big screen. But clearly seen is the lack of the needed chemistry that matches up to the level of Ali Zafar. She hasn’t quite gotten there yet! Evidently, Teefa in Trouble was her debut to the cinema but with subsequent featuring in a few more films she will without any doubt get more comfortable. Maya Ali has proven herself for taking the challenge.

After seeing the full movie, Ali Zafar clearly can be seen as the centre of attraction of the movie and every other character was clearly just a supporting the acting and actions of Teefa. Teefa continually gets into big time trouble and he finds himself in a fix as it keeps haunting him. But he overcomes this ordeal with wit, will and muscles, just like any other hero in a classic film. The flawless direction and unique style makes Ahsan into the newest addition to the big leagues of Pakistani cinema. He joins the likes of Nadeem Baig, Nabeel Qureshi (and Asim Abbasi, if we go by film quality and not only box office ratings).

This movie can be said to be an amazing approach to new Pakistani cinema. However, a few inadequacies stand in the way of Teefa in Trouble reaching its full potential. While Arshad’s scoring adds drama, the sound was poorly mixed in a way that it sometimes distorts enjoyment of the scenes by dominating them. The first half of the movie is time and scene effective as excesses were avoided. Whereas in the second half, Teefa in Trouble becomes slow-paced; it drags and there were too many uninteresting and false turning points. Though to some extent it remained entertaining, the story would have been better off if it had been cut 15 minutes shorter to make the story tight.

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Teefa in Trouble a Review!

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